Thanks for visiting Joyce Jordan’s homepage. This is where you will find a list of all her published books and upcoming books.

Currently she now has 14 books out, in 3 different series:

Strong Young Women [SYW] Series

Seduction Books

  1. Seduction: Book 1
  2. Seduction: Book 2
  3. Seduction: Book 3
  4. Seduction: Book 4
  5. Seduction: Book 5
  6. Seduction: Book 6

Temptation Books

  1. Temptation: Book 1
  2. Temptation: Book 2
  3. Temptation: Book 3

Miami Heat Series

  1. Miami Hot: #1
  2. Miami Hotter: #2

Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number [AANBAN] Series

  1. Nora & Elijah: #1
  2. Fiona & Bradley: #2
  3. Olivia & Cooper: #3
  4. Phoebe & Maxwell: #4
  5. Victoria & Drake: #5

Coming Soon:

  1. Temptation: Book 4 [SYW Series]

Curl Up & Happy Reading!

Joyce Jordan

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6 thoughts on “Home Page

  1. All 3 Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number Series books are currently on promo for FREE! You can get them on Amazon. Please don’t forget to leave a review. Much love and Thanks!

  2. Seduction Book 3 is finally out. Grab your free copy between tomorrow and Sunday. Much love and Thanks!

  3. Seduction Book 4 is finally available on Amazon. It will be on special offer on Tuesday and Wednesday. Please grab your free copy then.

  4. Tori’s book is now out. Grab Victoria & Drake in the AANBAN Series. It’s for free Wednesday and Thursday only. Enjoy!

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